An original banking game, where the odds of survival are in your hands

About Our Game

A completely new experience

Rule Out! is a banking game unlike any other. Easy to pick up and understand, the aim of the game is survival: players are dealt three cards, and must sculpt a hand with the best odds of survival before they are eliminated by the dealer.

Luck and Strategy

In order to increase the player’s chances of winning, they may trade up to one card to be dealt a new card, aiming to land one that fits better with their remaining two for the elimination phase of the game.

A game of longevity

Many hands in Rule Out! end up pushing, keeping players at the table for longer. In fact, less than half of hands are losing hands, and those close-calls mean Rule Out! rewards big risks over time for big rewards!

Side Bets

Rule Out! features an optional side bet uniquely tied to to the main bet’s gameplay, offering players an additional way to win even if they push on their main bet.

Why you should offer Rule Out!

GLI Certified

Our game’s math has been proven statistically sound by Gaming Labs International (GLI).

Rewarding Strategy

Rule Out! rewards paying attention and making the right trade for your hand in an easy to understand format. Its simple strategy brings the house edge to a level comparable with Pai Gow, Baccarat, and Ultimate Texas Hold ’em.

Game Security

Whether you’re concerned about Advantage Players (AP) or copycat games, we’ve got you covered. Rule Out!’s main bet has been shown to have no significant AP vulnerabilities, and features house rules options to manage potential side bet AP vulnerabilities.
Rule Out! is also has standing trademarks and copyrights on all relevant materials.

How to Play

Place your bets

To start each hand, each player places a main bet wager, and an optional side bet wager. A player’s side bet wager cannot exceed their main bet. Once all bets have been placed, each player is dealt three playing cards, face-up.

Trade a Card

Once all hands have been dealt, each player may choose one card in their hand to trade in, by pushing that card forward for the dealer. That card is discarded, and they are dealt a new card face-up from the deck or shoe. Players may also choose to keep their hand as-is by motioning to the dealer.

The Rule Cards

Once every player has had the opportunity to trade a card, the dealer deals out three Rule Cards from the Rule Deck. These are 15 unique cards that each have a quality of playing cards on them, such as Red, Clubs, or 2-5. As each is dealt, all cards in players hands that meet those qualities are eliminated, and are turned face-down.

Once all three Rule Cards are dealt and all qualifying cards are eliminated, players are paid out on their main bet based on how many cards are left surviving in their hand! One surviving card is always a push, zero surviving loses, and two or three cards pays out! (Varies based on pay table in use.)


Rule Out!’s strategy is deceptively simple; when offered the chance to trade a card, the player’s aim is to maximize their odds of multiple cards in their hand surviving. This means reducing the number of Rule Cards that could eliminate any cards in their hand.

When trading a card, the player should try to make their hand as similar as possible. This is the so-called “Unify” strategy. Although counterintuitive, allowing a few Rule Cards to be able to eliminate all cards in a hand leaves the rest of the Rule Cards unable to eliminate any. This reduces the number of pushes in favor of more losses, but also more wins, and is mathematically the best strategy compared even to a so-called “do nothing” strategy of trading no cards.

Although more intuitive, the so-called “Diversify” strategy of making the cards in a hand as different as possible, reducing the number of Rule Cards that could eliminate multiple cards in the hand, produces a worse Return to Player (RTP) than not trading a card at all.

Play our Demo

Below you can play a web-based demo of Rule Out! played with a single deck of cards shuffled every hand. This demo is not playable on mobile.

Rack Card

Our rack card teaches players how to play Rule Out!, with examples of the optimal strategy and all 15 Rules conveniently printed on the back side.

Click here to Download PDF

Game Layout

Rule Out!’s default layout features seven player positions, with a clear area designated for the player’s face-up hand as well as both a main bet and a side bet spot. Layouts with five or six player positions for social distancing are also available.

Additionally, the pay tables for both the main and side bet are elegantly woven into the design in a clear and concise manner. All 15 Rules are also conveniently displayed so players can make an informed decision when choosing which card to trade.

Rules of Play

The Rules of Play are the thorough and complete guide to playing Rule Out!, and feature a more in-depth explanation of the round structure, available pay tables with RTP values for each, and more specific rules for unique situations for both single deck and shoe games.

For our complete Dealing Procedures, please feel free to contact us below or email us at 

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